Unpublished manuscripts which have passed a review process:

When the Universe Is Not Enough – Tero Auvinen (2017)

On Legitimate Sovereignty – Tero Auvinen (2017)

Beyond Legality – Tero Auvinen (2016)

The Core-Periphery Structure of Money and the Microfoundations of World-Systems Research – Tero Auvinen (2010)

Coping with Asymmetric Tragedies under Imperfect Information – Tero Auvinen (2008, originally submitted to an essay competition on “Facing Tragedies” organized by the Center for Ethics and Poverty Research, University of Salzburg in October 2007, see 542084)

Unpublished manuscripts:

Polity-Building and the Limits of Politics – Tero Auvinen (2017)

On the Possibility of Academic Pedagogy – Tero Auvinen (2017)

People v. Law – Tero Auvinen (2017)

Rescuing Academism – Tero Auvinen (2016)

Akateemisuuden pelastussuunnitelma (in Finnish) as a pdf file:

Akateemisuuden Pelastussuunnitelma – Tero Auvinen (2015)