The following watermelon was bought from Lidl Hiironen in Oulu, Finland – located next to the former headquarters of Rautaruukki corporation – on September 13, 2017. The last two pictures of the Lidl building in Hiironen were taken on September 2, 2017.

170915 033

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170902 007

Every time I have visited the milk section at any supermarket in Oulu recently, the milk stock appears to have been replenished or changed just before my visit, reordered and/or replenished after I have taken some milk cartons but before I have left the supermarket or both as might have been the case at Lidl Hiironen on September 13, 2017. Before leaving for any specific supermarket(s), (“)news(“) items on the actual or alleged logistical challenges of other types of cooled products might be encountered – for instance, pharmacies communicating with each other to make sure that cooled “biological” medicines which are not stored in large quantities at the pharmacies could be delivered to each pharmacy or customer as needed apparently by the pharmacists’ own cars. (Cabalese for, for instance, communication among the cabalists to make sure that a specific targeted individual encounters only the intended tampered products and/or performances when visiting any supermarket. The layout of perhaps most supermarkets in Finland and perhaps to an equal or lesser extent elsewhere might appear to have been designed to facilitate targeted murders, assaults or harassment. Had there been willingness to reduce the opportunities for targeted murders, assaults or harassment through the blatantly obvious possibility of food and drink displayed in supermarkets, requirements to, for instance, maintain stable stocks of transparently displayed products clearly and permanently separated from the storage rooms with constantly monitored and enforced rules for gradual replenishment or replacement might have been implemented since the inception of centralized food and drink distribution through, for instance, stores or supermarkets. If the logistical processes for relatively large volume locally produced goods were appropriately regulated, monitored and enforced, there might be less need to diversify into consumption of lower volume and thus potentially higher risk products.) The following type of skim milk is sold at Lidl Hiironen.

170905 001

170905 002

170905 004

According to some potential translations, the text on the package says, among other things, that “Pohjolan Meijeri [‘Dairy of the North’] proudly presents: ‘I wish there was milk/I wish I had milk’” and proclaims that the milk is “tasty, of course”. Not far from Oulu, skim milk apparently used to be referred to as water that is used to wash empty milk tanks – with the intention to imply that compared to whole milk skim milk is not tasty. Whatever the contents of the carton might be – stating on a presumed milk carton that “I wish there was milk/I wish I had milk” might not help to dissipate any potential readings which might put “tasty, of course” in the same category in Cabalese as, for instance, “salty” or spicy”, in other words, deliberately tampered – it might remind some targeted individuals of some previous blatant abuses by the alleged or self-declared “authorities”. At some of the relatively early stages of any specific harassment, marginalization or extermination campaign in any specific alleged or self-declared “jurisdiction”, targeted individuals might sometimes have requested others or attempted themselves to call the “police” when being blatantly abused by criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist alleged or self-declared “police” officers, among others – not in the expectation of genuine law enforcement from potentially thoroughly and transparently illegal occupiers in positions of alleged or self-declared “state” or “public” authority, but to eliminate (im)plausible deniability or the capacity to claim of not having known and/or participated in what the “authorities” themselves actually regularly and potentially ubiquitously do of everyone who receives some sort of income for the alleged fulfilment of “state” or “public” functions. In other words, one of the aims might be to reliably and transparently implicate the entire “state” structure and every individual receiving some sort of income from the “state” in potentially some of the most serious crimes or human rights violations in history. Such opportunities to call the “police” might have been deliberately denied and violently prevented for the alleged reason that the “police” is allegedly already present, when potentially only one alleged or self-declared “police” officer might have been present in a situation in which the alleged or self-declared officer in question might well not have had the right to be present without habitual and potentially ubiquitous lying by the alleged or self-declared “authorities” about objective facts or realities whenever the letter of the “law” might not otherwise be as easily violable.

Some targeted individuals might thus see the text of the milk carton as a potential attempted parody of “I wish there was police/I wish I had access to genuine police officers or at least was able to leave a proven record of what is going on for the entire “police” force to eliminate the (im)plausible deniability of each and every one of them”. As such wishes might have been expressed at relatively early stages of any specific harassment, marginalization or extermination campaigns in any specific alleged or self-declared “jurisdictions” in situations where it might have been blatantly obvious that no genuine police officers were present, according to one potential reading the text on the milk carton might thus aim to imply that no genuine non-tampered milk is in the carton. “Elo” means “life” in Finnish in the Darwinist sense of, for instance, “the struggle of life”, making “Elopak” sound potentially not entirely dissimilar to “Life Pack” (my Finnish-English dictionary gives the following sample expression for “elo”: “(ylät) [‘ylätyyliä’ or ‘elevated/literary/exalted style’] the struggle (vanity) of life … elon taisto [turhuus]”).

Lidl has recently been in the (“)news(“) in some European countries for removing the crosses on the rooftop of a church in Santorini, Greece from pictures that Lidl uses on the packages of some of the products it sells.

170905 007

170905 008

Lidl does not appear to state in, for instance, the following advertisement in an equally visible place that the pictures are deliberate forgeries.

170905 005

170905 006

Is the fact that the pictures appear to be deliberate forgeries not relevant in itself? Deliberate forgeries of pictures on product packages might be Cabalese for, for instance, stating that also the contents of those packages might be deliberately forged or tampered. While the fact that what has been deliberately eliminated from the pictures without notifying actual and potential customers are Christian crosses might, once again, not help to dissipate potential interpretations according to which also the contents of some of the products sold at Lidl might be deliberately forged or tampered, such a potential interpretation might be reached even without any additional information on the precise ways in which pictures on product packages might have been deliberately forged without disclosing such deliberate forgery to actual and potential customers.