Wanted: Foreign Rice Tasters

I am looking for foreign volunteer tasters for rice with a distinct odor. Smelly rice is allegedly an ancient, annually recurring phenomenon in Japan which I have so far missed. Every summer, the story goes, rice prepared in rice cookers with the same programming or settings becomes smelly during the summer months due to the environmental conditions prevailing outside of the rice cookers during the summer months. The matter is allegedly fully remedied by removing the rice from the rice cooker and putting it into the refrigerator. Asking whether during the summer months rice might be prepared somewhere else than in a rice cooker to see whether the smell persists may be followed by an angry reaction by some of the locals and result – once again – in international communication falling almost invariably within, according to some estimates, that 80% of the locals’ communication which it might be dishonest to call something else than lies (see Beyond Legality). As this phenomenon appears to be taking place among the locals without any foreign presence necessary for the rice to acquire its distinct odor based on the calendar period for the summer rather than, for instance, the actual temperature or humidity prevailing at any given point in time, it does not appear to form a part of any potential “cockroach”-fighting policies which might be targeted mainly or exclusively against foreign nationals. I had my first small spoonful of this seasonal delicacy today after some of the locals have apparently been already enjoying it for a long time and I myself may have had a burning bowel for other reasons.

Your task would be to write reviews in, for instance, personal blogs or the social media after your rice-tasting experience. If the phenomenon is indeed national in scope and starts well before mid-June, one may wonder about the strength that the odor will acquire by late July – early August when, for instance, the 2020 Summer Olympics are planned to be held in Tokyo and which may more closely correspond to the local conception of calendar summer compared to mid-June. The potential health impact of the distinct odor – whether positive, negative or non-existent – might be a matter for another foreign-designed and -implemented investigation.