Videos: What Stops the Recording?

The following videos were recorded on March 29, 2016. In all cases the person recording the videos continues to record as long as possible before the recording stops for reasons other than the person deliberately stopping the recording. March 29, 2016 may so far have been the only day when recordings made with the same video camera have stopped without pressing the correct button to deliberately stop the recording. On March 29, 2016, this happened more than 50 times in a row. The length of the footage in each case varies between three seconds and more than ten minutes. The topic of the videos is in all cases a printer which has been a target of unsuccessful attempts to remove and replace the toner/cartridge with previously used methods or techniques. With more than 50 takes it was not possible to cover the entire printer in any single video. What might be the technical mechanism that might have stopped the recording in each case on March 29, 2016?

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Video links