On Babies

In the late 1960s some babies born in Rovaniemi, Finland who might have become blatantly mind controlled adults who might be directly harmful to themselves and individuals around them were apparently taken away from their mothers immediately after being born for a period of approximately 24 hours without any valid – or in some cases apparently any – explanation. In the 2000s babies born in Rovaniemi might have been given apparently vitamin K shots shortly after being born, while non-citizen adults might have been separated from other family members and subjected to operations under general anaesthesia on potentially dubious grounds after their survival might allegedly have been uncertain for either unexplained reasons or reasons which might, in retrospect, be unlikely to have justified an assessment of their lives having been in danger at a specific moment in time for the stated reasons.

In the early 1970s – but, interestingly, apparently no longer in the mid or late 1970s – not entirely dissimilar practices of taking babies away from their mothers shortly after birth for extended periods of time for potentially dubious or non-existing reasons appeared to take place also in Oulu, Finland.

In the 2010s babies or young children in Japan might apparently be taken away from their parents some time after birth to “take a blood test” from the back of their hands in a separate room, but otherwise babies and young children might be perhaps openly tortured and controlled in front of their parents without any apparent need to separate them from their parents for extended periods of time (unless the entire pre-birth period might be regarded as such a period of separation in cases where artificial insemination has been used due to actually or allegedly reduced fertility of at least one targeted individual parent).

What might thoroughly illegitimate, criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist occupiers of any specific territories have done with babies for 24 hours or longer immediately or shortly after their births at a time when such direct access to the babies’ bodies might still have made a difference?

Is it not an all-out war that we have been involved in at least for decades where medical “sciences” are simply part of the war effort and/or propaganda in line with perhaps most or all other “sciences” rather than constituting a legitimate bona fide field of science or institutional or professional framework? (See, for instance, When the Universe Is Not Enough for “Economic Discourse as War Propaganda” and People v. Law for the possibility of law as “a mere discursive or propagandist curiosity on the politics-war continuum – potentially closer to war rather than the political end of the spectrum – without any independent normative significance.”)


Computer Warfare

1) SoftBank

SoftBank website (https://www.softbank.jp) has been “Temporarity Unavailable” [sic] for more than 10 days when trying to access the site from either Japan or Finland. According to the following sentence in the English explanation that is displayed when trying to access https://www.softbank.jp, “The server is temporarily unable to servise [sic] your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems”, suggesting that the author of the text does know how to spell “temporarily” and that “temporarity” might thus be a potentially deliberate cabalism mixing “tempo” or “time” and “rarity”. If so, it might, once again, be a cabalist lie. As the author of this blog has pointed out in Beyond Legality:

“The number of victims may be irrelevant to establishing the fact that specific criminal offences or human rights violations are systematic or regime-wide in nature. It is quite possible for a single natural person victim to demonstrate the systematic or regime-wide nature of criminal offences or human rights violations simply by being subjected to such offences or violations or acts of commission or omission involving willing and knowing complicity when interacting with a wide range of public authorities or societal institutions irrespective of how such authorities or institutions might treat other individuals who they come into contact with. Ward’s observation in reference to Hart’s ‘minimum content of natural law’ concept – the ‘rules of conduct which any social organization must contain if it is to remain viable’ (Hart, 1994 [1961], 193, quoted in Ward, 2013, 80) – may be instructive: ‘even the most iniquitous legal system can be viable so long as it affords protection to the basic needs of some people’ (Ward, 2013, 81). It is quite possible for some regimes to be thoroughly and systematically authoritarian, despotic, criminal, terrorist or ‘cultist’ in nature, while ‘some people’ – if not everyone else except the victim(s) targeted by the regime – might be entirely oblivious to the regime’s true nature.”

Even if the text explicitly states that SoftBank’s server is unavailable, SoftBank appears to claim the copyright for the text with “All rights reserved.” The SoftBank website has previously been accessible by the same device and browser and there has been no notification from SoftBank about any potential changes in the technical access requirements to its website. The author of this blog has, however, suggested in Rescuing Academism that the specific device or actual or alleged level of protection against viruses or malware may not matter, as all technologies might include “inbuilt harassment or exterminating functions that are deliberately embedded in their design or… [be] made of materials which can be externally induced to produce effects that can be utilized for such purposes” and “all products that are widely and openly available to the consumers… are likely to be of unacceptably low quality and performance – far below… technological capabilities”.

2) HyperDia

Train route searches at HyperDia (https://www.hyperdia.com) from Usami to Narita Airport Terminal 2 do not show the fastest, earliest and/or most convenient route. None of the top 10 – the maximum number that can be displayed – search results on August 19, 2017 (or today for different dates, for that matter) for, for instance, a departure at 05:00am from Usami to Narita Airport Terminal 2 on August 20, 2017 showed that there is a bullet train departing from Atami to Tokyo station at 06:35am as has been the case in numerous occasions in the past. Search for bullet trains only departing from Atami to Tokyo station at 5:50am on the same date does, however, show also the one departing from Atami at 06:35am – apparently the first one of the day. The first two route options given by HyperDia for a 05:00am departure from Usami to Narita Airport Terminal 2 on, for instance, August 20, 2017 include 05:05am departure from Usami and transfer to “Limited Express Sunrise Seto” in Atami at 05:45am. Pictures of Sunrise Seto – as well as a picture of, for instance, “Sunrise Izumo and Sunrise Seto units being uncoupled at Okayama Station, March 2013” – appear to be available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunrise_Seto. (The characters for Okayama might be translated as “Mount” and “mountain” – Cabalese for the Cabal itself – and in this case family members of the person who would be traveling would remain in Izu.)

The third route alternative involves 06:28am departure from Usami, transfer to the bullet train departing from Atami at 06:46am, arrival in Tokyo station at 07:37am, transfer to “JR Yamanote Line (Inner loop) for Osaki” [sic, Osaki is in the opposite direction to Narita Airport from Tokyo station] departing from Tokyo station at 07:49am and supposed to arrive at Nippori 11 minutes later at 8:00am while traveling to the wrong direction (as the Yamanote line is circle-shaped, the train would eventually arrive at Nippori but the trip would take significantly longer than 11 minutes). If the traveler in question somehow managed to arrive at Nippori in 11 minutes while traveling to the wrong direction, there would be 5 minutes time to transfer to Keisei Skyliner 13 departing at 08:05am from Nippori – unlikely to be sufficient, given the distance between the Skyliner platform and the Yamanote line platform and the potential need to queue for Skyliner ticket.

Route 9 involves arrival at Tokyo station by JR Tokaido Line at 08:03am, departure from Tokyo station to Ueno at 08:05am by JR Utsunomiya line, walking from JR Ueno to Keisei Ueno station (an 8-minute walk according to HyperDia), taking “Keisei Main Line Local for KEISEI-TSUDANUMA” at 08:19am and arriving at Nippori at 08:23am – an unlikely route from Tokyo station to Nippori, which have a faster direct connection via Yamanote line (when taken to the right direction) and JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line.

Once again, copyright for the blatantly and deliberately incorrect or inappropriate search results obtained through https://www.hyperdia.com is claimed by “Hitachi Systems, Ltd.” with “All Rights Reserved”.

According to the “Contact Us” section of the HyperDia website (http://www.hyperdia.com/support/support.html), “We provide HyperDia service free of charge, so we do not always respond to your suggestions, requests for improvements and questions. Also, please make inquiries to railroad companies or travel agencies regarding actual fares, actual seat-fees, actual timetables, your travel plans, or tourist spots.” However, according to the “About HyperDia” section of the website (http://www.hyperdia.com/hyper/hyper.html) “”HyperDia” is a service which offers the route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation of Japan. With simple operation, “HyperDia” guides the optimal route and the fare from starting point to end.” In other words, HyperDia does claim to provide not only “actual timetables”, but also information on “optimal” routes.

3) Finnair

After receiving a confirmation on August 21, 2017 for a flight departing from Narita Airport on August 22, 2017 through the https://www.finnair.com website, the following error message stating that “The client SHOULD NOT repeat” a “Bad Request” “without modifications” was initially displayed on the screen with the text “Override.action” in the address bar – potentially a relatively common place for cabalisms on computer screens.

170821 finnair.com

The confirmation could also not be printed with a “Print Preview Error” stating that “An error occurred while printing.” When checking email to see whether a confirmation email might have been received, the following CareerEngine Jobmail highlighting a position for a “Sales Representative for Education Industry” arrived (Cabalese for “selling” information on or educating the public about the Cabal’s activities while being harassed, abused or exterminated. It is relatively common for targeted individuals to receive cabalisms or communication related to the matter they are working on at the very moment of doing so.)

170821 gmail

Finnair does not appear to claim copyright to the error message.


In some cases not only the more typical messages of “Access Denied” or “Access to Website Blocked”, but also a notification of an alleged suspension of a specific website might be received for the same website that might have been successfully accessed shortly before and might be successfully accessed shortly after receiving such a notification. The following notice displaying the address “blastwave.ro” was received on April 5, 2017 – less than a month after the author of this blog published a post (https://christianinenglish.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/cabalisms/) with, for instance, the following text: “’British Murphy, Whop, King, Kalev [or the name of any specific actor, actress, musician, evangelist, politician, any other public figure, your or your in-laws’ relative or acquaintance etc.] Was Reportedly Having a Blast Before His/Her Death’ [The person in question was reportedly a target of actual or simulated irradiation or other forms of remote violence shortly before or at the moment of his/her death]”. Suppose, for the sake of the argument, that the expression was not mere cabalist theatrics and that there might indeed be a “blastwave” of non-lethal or lethal remotely induced violence (potentially not an entirely unreasonable assumption in regard of non-lethal remote violence based on the previous experience of some authors) following, for instance, the potential publication of an excessively relevant and/or accurate book through ADJURIS that might, among other things, point out that the powers that be might have killed humanness through non-consensually implemented singularity or “trans-/posthuman” technologies and thus potentially also the justification for humanity’s continued existence rather than mere flesh and blood. Would alleged or self-declared “academics” or “scientists” not be expected to simply walk away from their “jobs” or, at the minimum, publicly announce that in the prevailing circumstances science or academic education is not feasible and whatever it is that they might or might not be doing in return for their bribes in addition to remaining hatefully silent in the face of the holocaust or extinction of humanness should under no circumstances be confused with genuine science or academic education under the prevailing power structures?

170405 adjuris.ro 1

160711 english.jr-central.jp 1

160910 expedia.com 1

160910 www.tokyodisneyresort.jp 1

170818 finnair.com

5) Daijob

The aforementioned bias or discrimination against independent, autonomous and private humanness in favor of externally controlled, essentially non-human existence might be evident in, for instance, some of the “exceptional” cases in some contract terms. According to the Daijob privacy police (available at https://www.daijob.com/en/company/register), for instance: “Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person” are declared “exceptional”, while cases involving, for instance, non-consensual mind-reading, -modeling, -influencing or -control are presumably not. One of the “Purpose[s] of collecting personal information” includes “10.To provide information about basketball and social network sites”, which might further exemplify the tendency to attempt to exclude any potential non-nihilist customers through particularistic or inappropriate contract terms. Once again, “Daijob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd.” claims the copyright with “All Rights Reserved”, but as of August 30, 2017 the privacy policy was still available at https://www.daijob.com/en/company/register.


In a perhaps hypothetical world where legitimate sovereignty, genuine democracy and valid legislation existed and judiciaries and law enforcement agencies upheld the law uniformly rather than secured some part of or all of the general population as a largely defenseless target for some of the most serious crimes or human rights violations in history committed or facilitated by thoroughly criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist alleged or self-declared “authorities” in power, could copyright be used to prevent the distribution or publication of potential evidence related to ongoing harassment or extermination campaigns by corporations whose business is to provide precisely such information to the public (presumably uniformly to the public as the products – in the aforementioned cases company websites or train schedules – are presumably not intended to be available only to some more narrowly defined audience and the content of, for instance, company websites or “actual timetables” of “optimal” train routes might well be expected to be the same for every customer rather than being blatantly incorrectly or inappropriately customized at least for some customers)?

In the case of a corporate website in the aforementioned perhaps hypothetical world – such as https://www.softbank.jp which might include, among other things, information on the corporation’s products and services, terms and conditions and addresses of its physical stores or service points – might there be some time frame within which the corporation in question and/or some of the corporations or other parties involved in the data transmission or display processes could be legally required to make the website available to the corporation’s customers – if not also the general public? If yes, might such a time frame be longer or shorter than, say, 10 days?

In the perhaps hypothetical case that other potential criminal offences and/or human rights violations of some of the aforementioned and/or potentially many other alleged or self-declared “corporations” or other forms of public or private authority might not be sufficient for death penalties or remedies – potentially both for the organizations and individuals within them – or some of the most severe penalties available, might “corporations” be held liable for, for instance, attempted murder when participating in or making targeted individuals easier targets for or more vulnerable to the Cabal’s extermination campaigns?

Boiled Egg

Boiled egg which looked normal on the surface after boiling.

170819 001

170819 002

In Finland K-Supermarket Joutsensilta (K-Supermarket “Swan Bridge”) in Oulu, for instance, was selling eggs, at least three out of ten of which were floating in water well before the expiry date and their potential appearance after boiling was thus not confirmed. The location where the “Eggs of a Free Hen” appear to originate from – Kärsämäki – is connected to a blatant act of criminality, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, fascism, terrorism, conspiracy, cartelism and/or cultism and deprivation of the freedom of the author of this blog by the local alleged or self-declared “authorities” in Finland.

170326 001

170326 002

170326 015