Stool on August 19, 2017 and pictures of the most recent shopping receipt and a kindergarten in Usami, Ito city, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan where some water was consumed from the taps on the blue background with pictures of a rainbow, cloud and sun and the taps on the pink background in the left-center of the first picture with a picture of an elephant on the other side where the taps are located on August 17, 2017 while, among other things, attempting to catch live cicadas with children. The pictures of the kindergarten were taken on July 16, 2017. The pictures of the stool on August 19, 2017 would have been likely to have been taken earlier in the absence of some external events which made around 13:00 o’clock perhaps the earliest convenient opportunity.

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Pictures of the balcony on August 18, 2017. This is the kind of cicada which we were trying to catch on the previous day in the kindergarten – alive.

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Pictures of the kindergarten taken and added to the post on August 20, 2017.

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MaxValu Ito (伊東広野店)

MaxValu (伊東広野店) in Ito, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on July 26, 2017. Not entirely dissimilar products to some of those bought from MaxValu on July 26, 2017 were used as baits for “dangerous living creatures” or animals on the Japanese TV in the evening of the same day.

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Ito station on July 26, 2017

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Cup Noodles

Might the following type of cup noodles bought from Create (クリエイト伊東広野店) in Ito city, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on July 13, 2017 have had something to do with the change in the stool’s color and composition on July 22, 2017 (see The noodles were consumed in the afternoon of July 21, 2017 without the soup on top of the package and that part of the powder inside the package which could be easily thrown away. The noodles are marketed by “Toyo Suisan” corporation” (東洋水産株式会社). The meanings of the characters/radicals in the name might be translated as, for instance, “East Ocean Water Products” corporation or “East Water-Sheep Water Products” corporation. There might have been recently a program apparently aimed at Children on the Japanese TV where a group of sheep drank all the water in a pond where some type of a creature – perhaps a dragon – was sitting (Cabalese for, for instance, Satanists delivering deliberately tampered water to Christians) or a TV commercial for a product not entirely dissimilar to the cup noodles where an actress might have moved or shaken her head horizontally a few times from one side to the other while apparently promoting the product (Cabalese for, for instance, “Don’t eat the product that higher level cabalists are paying me to pretend to promote or any similar ones.”) Similar types of anti-promotions may in fact be relatively common on the Japanese TV. Whenever a targeted individual has been assaulted through specific type(s) of product(s) sold in some of the larger supermarket chain(s), those product(s) or supermarket chain(s) might often run promotional campaigns on the TV.

If a targeted individual identifies a new potential shopping location where he/she might not have previously visited, there might relatively soon be, for instance, an announcement for an open position for a gas station employee in the location in question – in some cases with no qualifications needed for handling dangerous substances in daytime work (Cabalese for, for instance, pumping “fuel” or food and drink to the “cars” of the human bodies which are non-consensually connected to the global mind-reading, -modeling, -influencing or -control system or providing food and drink to the Cabal’s victims without the need to worry about the specific substances with which the food and/or drink one would be selling to the victims as a part of the job might be tampered with by the Cabal in a mere daytime job). See e.g. HelloWork 求人番号 23100-06776271 for a gas station position in Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan where the name of the company representative is apparently 宇佐美 智也 (the last name the same as a targeted individual’s current location and the meanings of the characters/radicals in the first name sometimes stated as, for instance, “Wisdom Scorpion”, “Know-Sun Scorpion” or “Arrow-Mouth-Sun Scorpion”), an “area regular employee system” is used (Cabalese for, for instance, a capacity to move regular food/drink tamperers flexibly within a certain area according to the location of any given targeted individual at any given point in time) and there is no need to possess the 危険物乙4資格 qualification for handling dangerous substances for daytime work, as the qualification can also be obtained after employment has started (one of the meanings of one of the characters in the name of the qualification for handling dangerous substances is apparently “fishguts”).

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