Potatoes, Cucumber, Milk and Banana

Potatoes (sort: Musica) which allegedly “taste like potatoes”, “are known in the whole Finland and even abroad for their quality” and “When you select Mäläskä’s potatoes you can be sure that at every stage of the production process we have thought about just you” bought from Prismas (sometimes Prisma Raksila, sometimes Prisma Limingantulli) in Oulu, Finland.

170522 001

170522 005

170522 007

170522 009

170522 012

170522 014

170522 016

At least one long-standing victim of mind control has indeed commended the alleged taste of these potatoes. If anyone with some basic understanding of the contemporary world as it actually is has ever wondered how anything from “food” to, say, “popular culture” can be allegedly popular, this may well be the normal or ordinary direction of causation: different factions of the Cabal might well be, for instance, competing in who can sell the most harmful “food”, lowest quality “durable” goods or most obvious travesties of music, movies, art or some other forms of popular culture as genuine popular culture and then use mind control to force the general population to actually or allegedly like something that might well in all likelihood be contrary to their tastes in a hypothetical world where one’s alleged tastes or worldviews do not affect one’s livelihood or likelihood of survival.

Cucumber bought from K-Citymarket Raksila in Oulu, Finland on April 4, 2017. In Finnish the word “kurkku” is used for both cucumber and throat.

170404 001

170404 002

170404 005

170404 007

170404 009

170404 010

170404 011

Milk from Lidl Hiironen in Oulu, Finland. The roundness of many milk cartons on several occasions before the expiry date does not appear to be easy to capture in a picture.

170322 001

Banana from Oulu, Finland (most food while in Oulu was bought from Lidl Hiironen, Prisma Raksila, Prisma Limingantulli, K-Citymarket Raksila or K-Supermarket Joutsensilta).

170609 001

170609 005

170609 006

170609 008


Boiled Egg

Boiled egg which looked normal on the surface after boiling.

170819 001

170819 002

In Finland K-Supermarket Joutsensilta (K-Supermarket “Swan Bridge”) in Oulu, for instance, was selling eggs, at least three out of ten of which were floating in water well before the expiry date and their potential appearance after boiling was thus not confirmed. The location where the “Eggs of a Free Hen” appear to originate from – Kärsämäki – is connected to a blatant act of criminality, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, fascism, terrorism, conspiracy, cartelism and/or cultism and deprivation of the freedom of the author of this blog by the local alleged or self-declared “authorities” in Finland.

170326 001

170326 002

170326 015


Stool on August 19, 2017 and pictures of the most recent shopping receipt and a kindergarten in Usami, Ito city, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan where some water was consumed from the taps on the blue background with pictures of a rainbow, cloud and sun and the taps on the pink background in the left-center of the first picture with a picture of an elephant on the other side where the taps are located on August 17, 2017 while, among other things, attempting to catch live cicadas with children. The pictures of the kindergarten were taken on July 16, 2017. The pictures of the stool on August 19, 2017 would have been likely to have been taken earlier in the absence of some external events which made around 13:00 o’clock perhaps the earliest convenient opportunity.

170819 001

170819 002

170819 003

170819 004

170716 003

170716 001

Pictures of the balcony on August 18, 2017. This is the kind of cicada which we were trying to catch on the previous day in the kindergarten – alive.

170818 002

170818 001

Pictures of the kindergarten taken and added to the post on August 20, 2017.

170820 005

170820 007

170820 013

On (Preventing) Child Abductions

Suppose that the words coming out of the mouth of, say, the mother in an international family have repeatedly claimed to take the couple’s children to an undisclosed location, apparently some sort of single mother housing where a place has allegedly been reserved long ago. The father asks whether such an action or merely requiring the father to move out from the family’s current location while preventing re-entry and refusing to search for other shared housing options for all members of the family would not in fact constitute child abduction. The father further points out that him – as opposed to the mother – taking the children to some other location to which the mother would also be welcome might in fact be necessary to prevent a child abduction rather than constituting a child abduction in itself irrespective of what the potential appearance of taking mind- and bodily-controlled young children to another location might be to external observers. According to some of the words coming from the mother’s mouth which perhaps in most cases might be contradictory, some kind of documentation on potential divorce has been delivered to some kind of a court long ago. The father’s repeated question on whether the mother intends to deliver some formal documentation from the local criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist alleged or self-declared “judiciary” on an allegedly valid divorce and a decision to give the children exclusively to the mother with no meeting rights for the father to the father before the family might for some reason no longer be able to live together is repeatedly followed by irrelevant and aggressive externally controlled noise: none of the aggressive irrelevancies (or some punches, for that matter) coming out of the mouths/hands of the mother and/or several other Japanese nationals are relevant to or demonstrate an understanding of the substance of the question, let alone answer it.

The following morning the mother and children have done some light packing. The mother states that she will take the children to the single mother housing in an undisclosed location. She essentially refuses to visit the place together with the father, who has considerable interest in the sort of “single mother housing” that has allegedly accepted an application from a married mother long ago and its prevailing housing standards in terms of food, drink, air quality etc. When one of the children is together with the mother, the words coming out of the child’s mouth claim that the child is going to play with friends. In one of those rare moments when the child is with the father without both being subjected to an aggressive attack from the mother and/or the grandparents from the mother’s side with the aim of preventing such direct communication between the father and the child, the words coming out of the child’s mouth claim that the “police” has been notified and the child does not know where they are going. The father stands at the door and asks everyone to pack so that either the family can move elsewhere together or the father can prevent a child abduction by moving somewhere else with the children where the mother is also welcome. After some blatant external mind and bodily control of the mother and children, the family still lives together for the moment but with no apparent progress in open and collective packing.

Might there be any other option for the father to prevent a child abduction except attempting to take the children first to the local embassy of his native alleged or self-declared “country” to get passports or other travel documentation for the children (the mother may have valid passports for the children in an undisclosed location) and then to the airport to book flights in cash without interference from the local criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist alleged or self-declared “authorities” and then attempt to get the mother to follow them at the earliest possible moment until every family member understands what has been going on and is capable of making independent, autonomous and private or non-monitored decisions?

“Legal”ese in Japan

The following text or “agreement” is from the back side of a credit card application form.

170803 009

170817 001

170817 002

170817 003

170817 004

170817 005

I asked the Saison Card service desk on the 5th floor of Parco building on the East side of JR Ikebukuro station (東京都豊島区南池袋1−28−2 池袋パルコ5F) on August 2, 2017 whether even native speakers of Japanese can read the text due to the size of the characters. According to the response, it is not necessary to read the “agreement” on the back side of the application form. Apparently reading the following document is quite sufficient.

170803 011

Might the entire “agreement” thus be simply omitted from the application form? This is allegedly what at least one bank has done. There allegedly are no other documents which would have to be or could be read or filled out except the front side of the application form in order to apply for a credit card. The company does not give reasons for rejected applications. In general it appears to be easier for a Japanese national who gets the money to pay for credit card bills from a foreign national to get a credit card than for the foreign national him-/herself.

In any correspondence with a corporation based in Japan or the alleged or self-declared “government”, it is far from certain that such correspondence would be addressed and/or delivered to the person whom the content of such correspondence concerns. Some fairly important – if not essential – material might, for instance, be delivered only to one family member. If other family member(s) never receive the material, it is in some cases apparently the person who has never received the material which was never sent to him/her personally who has to explain “in detail” the circumstances in which the material which he/she has never received was “lost”. A local government office did not accept the fact that the person whom the matter concerns has never received specific material and does not know its whereabouts as a sufficient reason for reissuing or resending that material directly to the person in question and did not elaborate on what might be sufficient criteria for some specific material to qualify as being “lost” that would fall short of essentially perfect knowledge of the material’s whereabouts or the circumstances under which it might have been destroyed or become permanently inaccessible. A subsequent letter from the office specified the relevant standard as “two weeks’ search”. In other words, if the material in question has not been found after a two weeks’ search, it could be regarded as “lost” – a standard which could have been easily fulfilled already during the personal visit to the office if only it had been explicitly stated without losing several weeks. In some cases any potential delivery of, for instance, a credit card to the person whose name is on the card by the person who receives the relevant letter appears to be entirely up to the discretion of the person receiving the letter – if not more often or always in Japan the artificial intelligence system and/or its human overseer(s) that control(s) the person receiving the relevant letter.

Watermelon, Mandarins and “Bargains”

A watermelon bought from MaxValu (伊東広野点) in Ito, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on August 15, 2017.

170815 011

170815 012

170815 013

170815 014

170815 015

170815 016

170815 017

170815 032

170815 010

Mandarins bought from MaxValu (伊東広野点) and NaGaYa (鎌田店) in Ito, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan (nearest station for both Minami Ito) on August 15, 2017.

170815 018

170815 020

170815 021

170815 022

170815 026

170815 024

170815 028

170815 029

170815 030

170815 031

“Rumored bargains” (phonetically sounding similar also to, for instance, “buying poison”) at the sushi counter of MaxValu (伊東広野点) on August 15, 2017. When translating うわさの買得 (“Good bargain of the rumor” according to a suggested literal translation), one online dictionary gives 御家人株の買得 or “Purchase of Gokenin-kabu (status of a low-level vassal of the Tokugawa shogun)” as an example sentence – Cabalese for, for instance, purchasing a position as a low level servant of the criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist cabalist hierarchy in the alleged or self-declared “state” of Japan to sell overpriced and potentially inedible deliberately suboptimal, defective or tampered products at relatively good locations without the fear of effective, non-theatrical interference from “law” enforcement or genuine competition (Selling overpriced and potentially inedible food and thus extorting increased spending on “food” and transportation from some part of the population might be one way to increase the GDP according to some of the prevailing measures in case the GDP figures cannot be entirely made up). When searching for the word “rumored”, www.startpage.com gives on the first page as example sentences or expressions, for instance, “a rumor of war” and “they were investigating rumors of a massacre” – “war” and “massacre” being perhaps lesser exaggerations in the context of Japan than genuine, independent, competent, good faith investigation into the nature and extent of long-standing and widespread – if not all-embracing – criminality, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, fascism, terrorism, conspiracies, cartelism and/or cultism, which in any case should perhaps have been obvious to any independent observer with some exposure to Japan all along.

170815 008

170815 001

170815 002

170815 003

170815 006

170815 007

Tokyo Disneyland, February 4, 2017

Tokyo Disneyland, February 4, 2017



According to the white text on the red background on the bottles, there is “plenty of good thing(s)” in the bottles.

February 6, 2017





Items that were consumed on February 4-6, 2017 which did not originate from supermarkets in Atami or Ito (both in Shizuoka prefecture) or the tap from which most of the drinking water comes included most of the content of the above bottles of Sokenbicha and French fries bought and consumed in Tokyo Disneyland on February 4, 2017, water from drinking fountains in Tokyo Disneyland consumed mainly from a bottle on February 5, 2017 and two small packages of milk apparently ordered through Amazon, taken from the same postal delivery box as the one in the following pictures and consumed on February 4, 2017.



The first bottle of Sokenbicha was bought from the following booth.

170204 4

This is where we watched the parade – opposite to the Country Bear Theater, which appears to be sponsored by a company called House Foods.

170204 046

170204 048

170204 049

170204 045

There was no booth at the place where the second bottle of Sokenbicha was bought – only two people behind a bucket full of water, ice and bottles of drinks. It was located near the following building, not far from the place where we watched the parade.

170204 5

The French fries ended up on our table rather unexpectedly from the following restaurant in Toontown.

170204 3

170204 073

They were not bought at the time when I was at the counter with considerable interest in the precise processes through which a specific portion of food finds its way from the kitchen to the tray of a specific customer, but later by an individual who suddenly and mistakenly assumed that I would expect a cup of French fries to be bought and others to eat most of them at a time when I could not easily accompany the person in question to the counter.

Most or all other items except the Sokenbicha and water from Tokyo Disneyland might have been either consumed by myself earlier without getting similar symptoms on a similar time frame or shared with someone else who did not appear to get any immediate symptoms.

Shortly after consuming most of the contents of the second bottle of perhaps unusually cold Sokenbicha and filling a bottle with water from a fountain located at the beginning of the queuing area for the Jungle Cruise with what might have appeared to be some kind of a plastic band or ribbon in the fountain in the area where the water comes from, a staff member kindly reminded the passengers in the boat in the Jungle Cruise that one never knows what might happen in life and the following Pluto costumed character – a family member’s favorite – stubbornly attempted to give me a high five after taking a picture with some family members in the presence of several staff members with badges on their chests where a finger was pointing downwards in what might not have been entirely dissimilar to some cabalist celebratory performances after predetermined or pre-planned scripts might have been successfully executed to injure or eliminate targeted individuals.

170204 064

170204 060

170204 1

170204 2

The next two pictures were taken in Tokyo Disneyland on February 14, 2016. On February 4, 2017 the “Out of Business!!! Bankrupt!!! Closed Forever!!!” sign and the door – apparently of an insurance company – in Toontown were still there, but Alice’s Tea Party appeared to be closed. Most targeted individuals may be likely to be familiar with, for instance, “Getting Hit On The Head” remotely – if not also physically by externally controlled individuals around them – while “Smashing Into Brick Walls Disguised As Tunnels”, for instance, might be Cabalese for a targeted individual being injured or eliminated based on what might be supposed to be private communication (or communication taking place through a “tunnel” rather than openly on the ground) on the nature of the Cabal’s activities. Most targeted individuals might also have a relatively clear view on what being “stir[red]” or vibrated across different parts of the body might mean as in the “Stir Crazy? Make Yourself at Home!” sign in the upper left corner of the picture of the Alice’s Tea Party. Rescuing Academism – suggesting, among other things, that “To the extent that the relevant qualities of a ‘home’ are defined by the immigrants or refugees themselves and they are in significant conflict with at least some of the Finnish views, the term ‘kotouttaminen’ might thus as well be translated as, for instance, antisocial disintegration, if this is what makes some of the immigrants or refugees feel like home in Finland.” – was made available to its target audience slightly more than a week before the picture of Alice’s Tea Party was taken on February 14, 2016.

160214 115

160214 1

170204 6

On the way to Tokyo Disneyland the bus stopped at the following service area in Ebina, Kanagawa prefecture, where a small and still unopened bottle of water was bought. Some of the milk that is available in the local supermarket also appears to originate from Ebina (see https://christianinenglish.wordpress.com/2017/08/10/unnatural-selection/).

170204 004

Rock You With

Potatoes bought from Ito Yokado (大船店) in Ōfuna, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan on July 28, 2017.

170728 021

170728 022

170801 001

170731 003

I did not see any whole watermelons in several supermarkets or stores in Kannai, Ishikawachō, Motomachi-Chukagai or Ōfuna (all in Kanagawa prefecture) on July 28, 2017, while relatively small quantities have been available in many supermarkets or stores and, for instance, children’s ring throwing competition in a local festival in Ito, Shizuoka prefecture.

The following picture is from a Tokaido line train in Atami, Shizuoka prefecture on July 28, 2017.

170728 028

Does language matter? Quite possibly not. According to one online dictionary, “We will rock you” might be translated as 我々は、あなたをゆすります。 If a group was singing on TV in Japanese ”我々は、あなたをゆすります” while showing judo, ippons (see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/maxvalu-atami/) or some other types of combat sports and an advertisement in a train in an area where reliably high quality or safe liquids might not be entirely easy to find showed some colorful – or perhaps watermelonish – liquids with which the audience is to be explicitly “rocked” by the company which provides, for instance, much of the milk to some of the local supermarkets, any potential local audience, no matter how severe their own or someone else’s symptoms might be, might be simply externally determined, for instance, not to understand such statements or realities while being assaulted or exterminated, to pretend or claim not to understand such statements or realities while being assaulted or exterminated, to laugh at anyone who might correctly observe such statements or realities while being assaulted or exterminated or violently attack anyone who might correctly observe such statements or realities while being assaulted or exterminated.

Some of the smaller drops in the picture might not be entirely dissimilar to, for instance, some potential transmission mechanisms for airborne infections. Might, for instance, a trip in a “Black Ship” train (黒船電車) from Kinomiya station to Usami station on July 16, 2017 at 11:12am – 11:29am be relevant to “rocking” any specific passenger getting on the train approximately from the location of a potential tomato on the platform (see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/maxvalu-atami/) and staying close to one of the air conditioners for the entire duration of the trip in a rather crowded train with potentially the most severe flu-like illness for years and, for instance, headaches and fast heartbeat, all starting within 24 hours of the trip and the flu-like symptoms lasting approximately two weeks?