Unpublished manuscripts which have passed a review process:

When the Universe Is Not Enough – Tero Auvinen (2017)

On Legitimate Sovereignty – Tero Auvinen (2017)

Beyond Legality – Tero Auvinen (2016)

The Core-Periphery Structure of Money and the Microfoundations of World-Systems Research – Tero Auvinen (2010)

Coping with Asymmetric Tragedies under Imperfect Information – Tero Auvinen (2008, originally submitted to an essay competition on tragedies)

Unpublished manuscripts:

Polity-Building and the Limits of Politics – Tero Auvinen (2017)

On the Possibility of Academic Pedagogy – Tero Auvinen (2017)

People v. Law – Tero Auvinen (2017)

Rescuing Academism – Tero Auvinen (2016)

Akateemisuuden pelastussuunnitelma (in Finnish) as a pdf file:

Akateemisuuden Pelastussuunnitelma – Tero Auvinen (2015)

About the Author

Tero Auvinen – currently seeking funding for independent research

Doctor of Social Sciences, University of Lapland

Master of Science in Politics of the World Economy, The London School of Economics and Political Science

International Bachelor of Business Administration Program, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (currently Aalto University School of Business)

Recent publications:

Auvinen, Tero 2017. “On the Human Rights of Refugees and Immigrants, Homification and Immigration Policy”, Journal of Identity and Migration Studies, 11(1): 159-181. http://www.e-migration.ro/jims/Vol11_No1_2017/JIMS_Vol11_No1_2017_pp159_181_AUVINEN.pdf

Auvinen, Tero 2016. “A Road to Direct Democracy”, Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, 8(2): 172-208. http://www.japss.org/upload/1.%20Tero.pdf

Auvinen, Tero 2016. “Organizing for the End of the World with Nothing More to Say? The Implications of Non-Consensually Implemented Singularity and ‘Trans-/Posthuman’ Technologies for Social Movements”, Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, 8(2): 209-248. http://www.japss.org/upload/2.%20Tero.pdf

Some of the layout errors that have been produced by the publisher of the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences have so far not been corrected upon request.

Auvinen, Tero 2016. Rescuing Academism. Raleigh, NC: Lulu.com, ISBN: 978-1-329-88216-4 (paperback), 978-1-329-88181-5 (PDF), 978-1-329-88426-7 (EPUB).

Keywords: innovativeness, university, science, research, political economy, politics, intellectual property rights, business, management, leadership, organizational structures, organizational design, money, media, Japan

Auvinen, Tero 2015. Akateemisuuden pelastussuunnitelma. Helsinki: Books on Demand GmbH, ISBN: 9789523302594.


tero.auvinen (at) yahoo.com, tero.auvinen (at) openmailbox.org, teauvi (at) gmail.com





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