“Mini watermelons” and Cucumbers

“Mini watermelons” at S-Market Kastelli in Oulu, Finland on September 8, 2017.

170908 007

170908 008

170908 1

170908 003

Normal size watermelons do not appear to be easily available in Oulu. S-Market is part of the same co-operative – Arina in the case of northern Finland – as Prismas (see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/prisma-limingantulli-on-september-4-2017/). One of Arina’s former managers apparently spent the last three years of his life after “quitting” Freemasonry (see https://www.seurakuntalainen.fi/uutiset/entinen-vapaamuurari-vetosi-piispoihin-viimeiseen-saakka/ in Finnish, translation by the author) rather than, for instance, merely becoming a “non-practicing” member, among other things, criticizing the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for “fraternizing” (ibid., translation by the author) with Freemasons before reportedly being found dead under an all-terrain vehicle less than three weeks after recording an interview for the Finnish (“)Christian(“) TV channel TV7 (see http://www.tv7.fi/vod/player/15677/ in Finnish. If some of the “academics” or individuals who receive an income from a university in Finland, for instance, were aware of Julin’s death being a murder, it might not be possible to say or write so in the absence of any potential cabalist scripts which might include theatrical public “media” performances among the perpetrators or co-conspirators on such topics while continuing to receive an income from a Finnish university. The dean of the international programs of Helsinki School of Economics [currently Aalto University School of Business] in Mikkeli, Finland at the time when the author of this blog was completing his bachelor’s degree there, Heikki Urmas, for instance, appears to have suggested after retiring from Helsinki School of Economics that actual or potential political competitors to the powers that be in Finland such as Keijo Liinamaa and Väinö Leskinen were murdered and that publishing such information while receiving an income from Helsinki School of Economics would not have been possible. He managed to teach a 3-week course on “Finnish Economy” in October 1999 without mentioning that Finland, among other alleged or self-declared “nations” or “jurisdictions”, may have been under thoroughly illegitimate, criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist occupation for decades, if not since its “independence”. The name of the program in which Julin appeared on TV7 was “Isännän pöydässä” or “At the master’s/host’s table”. The word “Isäntä” or “master/host” appeared in one of the graduation presents that the author of this blog received from the University of Lapland, Cabalese for, for instance, admitting non-consensual surveillance of a targeted individual who might be likely to be familiar with the titles of some of TV7’s programs.) The author of this blog is also a member or owner of the Arina co-operative but has not been able to vote in the past (see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/the-finnish-financial-ombudsman/. The intention here is not to imply that a formal right to vote would necessarily legitimize political systems or any specific institutions or representatives within them. In the absence of guaranteed cognitive autonomy and privacy or freedom from non-consensual mind-reading, -modeling, -influencing and -control, for instance, no candidate may ever attain political power legitimately. Guaranteed cognitive autonomy and privacy may well be necessary preconditions for the possibility of democracy rather than outcomes of legitimate democratic political processes. Any candidate who might not recognize the potential illegitimacy of potentially all existing forms of power and the need to unconditionally guarantee cognitive autonomy and privacy may not be a legitimate candidate. See, for instance, Beyond Legality.) S-Market Kastelli is located in what used to be an ice hockey/soccer/Finnish baseball field where the author of this blog had physical education classes while at high school. Geography classes were held on the top floor of the white building with a red rooftop.

The author of this blog has sometimes used a scene from the Minions movie where apparently three guardians of the British crown start dancing after being apparently hypnotized and/or mind controlled to explain the nature and implications of mind control: what might the world look like from a targeted individual’s perspective if each and every individual that the targeted individual meets or comes into sustained contact with started to dance either willingly and knowingly following a predetermined script or under hypnosis/mind control and the targeted individual in question was potentially the only person who might be physically present in such situations to whom such dancing was obvious or visible? Irrespective of the potential intrinsic merits of the explanation, its educational value may be limited if the person who might or might not be listening to the explanation is also dancing.

Cucumber six days after being bought from Prisma Raksila in Oulu, Finland on September 2, 2017.

170908 026

170908 027

170908 030

170908 031

170908 032

170908 033

170908 034

170908 035

170908 037

Hurricanes or some other types of “natural” disasters – Cabalese for, for instance, extermination campaigns implemented through tampered food and drink in specific areas, if not also escalated remote violence or “beaming” in case sufficient physical damage in line with the ongoing “natural” disaster related Cabalese narratives might so far not have been attained through mere tampered food and drink – might sometimes have the same names as individuals who specific targeted individuals might know to have died while having a type of illness which might be deliberately caused by the Cabal – for instance, cancer in the stomach which might have been too widespread at the time of diagnosis to be able to tell which organ it started from and too advanced to actually or allegedly do anything about. If such an individual had lived, for instance, in Vaasa, Finland and the targeted individual in question was not buying significant amounts of Vaasa-branded products or products originating from Vaasa which the targeted individual is aware of – such as “Vaasan” or “Vaasa’s” brand bread in Finland – Vaasa-branded products or products originating from Vaasa might appear among those products which the targeted individual has been consuming recently.

Cucumber from a company called “Vaasa’s Vegetable” apparently bought from K-Market Joutsensilta in Oulu, Finland on September 8, 2017 – potentially the first cucumber with the word “Vaasa” on the package that the author of this blog has encountered in Oulu in a long time.

170908 022

170908 023


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