Tuna “chunks” in water.

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Perhaps counterintuitive labeling or label positioning might not always be limited to tuna cans. A targeted individual might, for instance, be asked to buy peaches or something of the same “family”, “kin” or “line” (“suku” in Finnish) from K-Supermarket Joutsensilta (K-Supermarket “Swan Bridge”) located in the same building with, for instance, “Musti ja Mirri” pet food/accessories shop, “Studio Ollila” (apparently not of the same “family”, “kin” or “line” with the former CEO of a major potential former and perhaps to a somewhat lesser extent current bastion of cabalism in Finland, Jorma Ollila of Nokia) and a Chinese restaurant (hopefully of a different kind compared to the one that was serving Liu Xiaobo during his imprisonment and contraction of liver cancer, see https://christianinenglish.wordpress.com/2017/07/21/serial-suicider-strikes-again/). On the way to the entrance to K-Supermarket Joutsensilta to buy, for instance, apparently discounted salmon, customers are greeted with an advertisement for “Brit Care” canned cat food and, for instance, “Brit Premium Adult Chicken”, “Brit Premium Adult Salmon” and “Brit Premium Sterilised”-brand cat food (A specific targeted individual might have had an apparent food poisoning – potentially caused by chicken – in the past in the UK. Targeted individuals or “cats” in Cabalese who initially appear to be healthy might also tend to approach becoming allegedly or actually infertile or sterilized, the longer the obvious violence has continued. Some of the alleged or self-declared “nationalists” may well be right in claiming that a global genocide of specific types of genes has been ongoing for an extended period of time, but the relevant target of such a potential genocide may well not be any specific “national” gene pool per se, but all actual and potential anti-cabalists or individuals who might know too much about the Cabal without being part of it irrespective of the genetic identities of their actual or potential children.) As K-Supermarket Joutsensilta does not appear to be selling peaches on that day, the targeted individual might buy nectarines instead.

170831 001

170831 004

170831 003

When visiting Prisma Limingantulli on the other side of the “Swan Bridge” after which K-Supermarket Joutsensilta has been named later on the same day, the price of nectarines might be displayed for peaches and the price of peaches for nectarines.

170831 007

170831 011

170831 012

In spring 2017 supermarkets in Oulu, Finland were regularly displaying clearly rotten, moldy, damaged, inedible or defective fruits and vegetables among other fruits and vegetables which might have been perhaps less evidently defective. On August 23, 2017 there appeared to be relatively few such cases. Within a few days the situation may have changed. Below are pictures of “mini watermelons” at Prisma Limingantulli on August 31, 2017 and potatoes at Lidl in the city center of Oulu, Finland (located in the same building with Ylä-Savon Osuuspankki at Isokatu 51, see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/the-finnish-financial-ombudsman/) on August 25, 2017.

170831 009

170831 010

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Expressions of solidarity for shelf access-blocking cabalists in Japan? (see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/maxvalu-express-and-welcia-atami/ and  https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/08/24/august-23-2017-in-oulu-finland/ It might be a relatively common cabalist practice to show support for performances arranged in any specific “country” by arranging similar or perhaps even more extravagant performances internationally or globally. One of the objectives might be to attempt to ease any potential pressure or anger that might be building towards the Cabal among the general population in any specific “country” by claiming that what is taking place is a standard international practice rather than a mere mindless, wasteful, violent, cultist and/or illegal cabalist performance.) The following pictures include, among other things, a box for “Yankee”-brand chewing gum (the promotional slogan for the gum used to be “Bite a Yankee”) blocking access to products which some customers might have frequently bought in the past at Lidl in the city center of Oulu, Finland on August 25, 2017 and numerous piles of product boxes at Prisma Limingantulli on the same day. In Lidl the number of product boxes might be insufficient, while in Prisma they might be far too remotely located within the store to deserve to be appraised as potential solidaristic cabalist theatrical performances in this blog.

170825 008

170825 009

170825 010

Eggs from K-Supermarket Joutsensilta – this time including some which might stand in water, but none which would float (see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/boiled-egg/).

170826 001

170826 003

170826 005

170826 006

“Arizona meal” advertised at Hesburger in the same building with Prisma Limingantulli on August 31, 2017 (for some recent Arizona-related posts, see https://christianinenglish.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/david-torrence/).

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