Potatoes, Cucumber, Milk and Banana

Potatoes (sort: Musica) which allegedly “taste like potatoes”, “are known in the whole Finland and even abroad for their quality” and “When you select Mäläskä’s potatoes you can be sure that at every stage of the production process we have thought about just you” bought from Prismas (sometimes Prisma Raksila, sometimes Prisma Limingantulli) in Oulu, Finland.

170522 001

170522 005

170522 007

170522 009

170522 012

170522 014

170522 016

At least one long-standing victim of mind control has indeed commended the alleged taste of these potatoes. If anyone with some basic understanding of the contemporary world as it actually is has ever wondered how anything from “food” to, say, “popular culture” can be allegedly popular, this may well be the normal or ordinary direction of causation: different factions of the Cabal might well be, for instance, competing in who can sell the most harmful “food”, lowest quality “durable” goods or most obvious travesties of music, movies, art or some other forms of popular culture as genuine popular culture and then use mind control to force the general population to actually or allegedly like something that might well in all likelihood be contrary to their tastes in a hypothetical world where one’s alleged tastes or worldviews do not affect one’s livelihood or likelihood of survival.

Cucumber bought from K-Citymarket Raksila in Oulu, Finland on April 4, 2017. In Finnish the word “kurkku” is used for both cucumber and throat.

170404 001

170404 002

170404 005

170404 007

170404 009

170404 010

170404 011

Milk from Lidl Hiironen in Oulu, Finland. The roundness of many milk cartons on several occasions before the expiry date does not appear to be easy to capture in a picture.

170322 001

Banana from Oulu, Finland (most food while in Oulu was bought from Lidl Hiironen, Prisma Raksila, Prisma Limingantulli, K-Citymarket Raksila or K-Supermarket Joutsensilta).

170609 001

170609 005

170609 006

170609 008



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