On (Preventing) Child Abductions

Suppose that the words coming out of the mouth of, say, the mother in an international family have repeatedly claimed to take the couple’s children to an undisclosed location, apparently some sort of single mother housing where a place has allegedly been reserved long ago. The father asks whether such an action or merely requiring the father to move out from the family’s current location while preventing re-entry and refusing to search for other shared housing options for all members of the family would not in fact constitute child abduction. The father further points out that him – as opposed to the mother – taking the children to some other location to which the mother would also be welcome might in fact be necessary to prevent a child abduction rather than constituting a child abduction in itself irrespective of what the potential appearance of taking mind- and bodily-controlled young children to another location might be to external observers. According to some of the words coming from the mother’s mouth which perhaps in most cases might be contradictory, some kind of documentation on potential divorce has been delivered to some kind of a court long ago. The father’s repeated question on whether the mother intends to deliver some formal documentation from the local criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist alleged or self-declared “judiciary” on an allegedly valid divorce and a decision to give the children exclusively to the mother with no meeting rights for the father to the father before the family might for some reason no longer be able to live together is repeatedly followed by irrelevant and aggressive externally controlled noise: none of the aggressive irrelevancies (or some punches, for that matter) coming out of the mouths/hands of the mother and/or several other Japanese nationals are relevant to or demonstrate an understanding of the substance of the question, let alone answer it.

The following morning the mother and children have done some light packing. The mother states that she will take the children to the single mother housing in an undisclosed location. She essentially refuses to visit the place together with the father, who has considerable interest in the sort of “single mother housing” that has allegedly accepted an application from a married mother long ago and its prevailing housing standards in terms of food, drink, air quality etc. When one of the children is together with the mother, the words coming out of the child’s mouth claim that the child is going to play with friends. In one of those rare moments when the child is with the father without both being subjected to an aggressive attack from the mother and/or the grandparents from the mother’s side with the aim of preventing such direct communication between the father and the child, the words coming out of the child’s mouth claim that the “police” has been notified and the child does not know where they are going. The father stands at the door and asks everyone to pack so that either the family can move elsewhere together or the father can prevent a child abduction by moving somewhere else with the children where the mother is also welcome. After some blatant external mind and bodily control of the mother and children, the family still lives together for the moment but with no apparent progress in open and collective packing.

Might there be any other option for the father to prevent a child abduction except attempting to take the children first to the local embassy of his native alleged or self-declared “country” to get passports or other travel documentation for the children (the mother may have valid passports for the children in an undisclosed location) and then to the airport to book flights in cash without interference from the local criminal, totalitarian, authoritarian, fascist, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist and/or cultist alleged or self-declared “authorities” and then attempt to get the mother to follow them at the earliest possible moment until every family member understands what has been going on and is capable of making independent, autonomous and private or non-monitored decisions?


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