Tokyo Disneyland, February 4, 2017

Tokyo Disneyland, February 4, 2017



According to the white text on the red background on the bottles, there is “plenty of good thing(s)” in the bottles.

February 6, 2017





Items that were consumed on February 4-6, 2017 which did not originate from supermarkets in Atami or Ito (both in Shizuoka prefecture) or the tap from which most of the drinking water comes included most of the content of the above bottles of Sokenbicha and French fries bought and consumed in Tokyo Disneyland on February 4, 2017, water from drinking fountains in Tokyo Disneyland consumed mainly from a bottle on February 5, 2017 and two small packages of milk apparently ordered through Amazon, taken from the same postal delivery box as the one in the following pictures and consumed on February 4, 2017.



The first bottle of Sokenbicha was bought from the following booth.

170204 4

This is where we watched the parade – opposite to the Country Bear Theater, which appears to be sponsored by a company called House Foods.

170204 046

170204 048

170204 049

170204 045

There was no booth at the place where the second bottle of Sokenbicha was bought – only two people behind a bucket full of water, ice and bottles of drinks. It was located near the following building, not far from the place where we watched the parade.

170204 5

The French fries ended up on our table rather unexpectedly from the following restaurant in Toontown.

170204 3

170204 073

They were not bought at the time when I was at the counter with considerable interest in the precise processes through which a specific portion of food finds its way from the kitchen to the tray of a specific customer, but later by an individual who suddenly and mistakenly assumed that I would expect a cup of French fries to be bought and others to eat most of them at a time when I could not easily accompany the person in question to the counter.

Most or all other items except the Sokenbicha and water from Tokyo Disneyland might have been either consumed by myself earlier without getting similar symptoms on a similar time frame or shared with someone else who did not appear to get any immediate symptoms.

Shortly after consuming most of the contents of the second bottle of perhaps unusually cold Sokenbicha and filling a bottle with water from a fountain located at the beginning of the queuing area for the Jungle Cruise with what might have appeared to be some kind of a plastic band or ribbon in the fountain in the area where the water comes from, a staff member kindly reminded the passengers in the boat in the Jungle Cruise that one never knows what might happen in life and the following Pluto costumed character – a family member’s favorite – stubbornly attempted to give me a high five after taking a picture with some family members in the presence of several staff members with badges on their chests where a finger was pointing downwards in what might not have been entirely dissimilar to some cabalist celebratory performances after predetermined or pre-planned scripts might have been successfully executed to injure or eliminate targeted individuals.

170204 064

170204 060

170204 1

170204 2

The next two pictures were taken in Tokyo Disneyland on February 14, 2016. On February 4, 2017 the “Out of Business!!! Bankrupt!!! Closed Forever!!!” sign and the door – apparently of an insurance company – in Toontown were still there, but Alice’s Tea Party appeared to be closed. Most targeted individuals may be likely to be familiar with, for instance, “Getting Hit On The Head” remotely – if not also physically by externally controlled individuals around them – while “Smashing Into Brick Walls Disguised As Tunnels”, for instance, might be Cabalese for a targeted individual being injured or eliminated based on what might be supposed to be private communication (or communication taking place through a “tunnel” rather than openly on the ground) on the nature of the Cabal’s activities. Most targeted individuals might also have a relatively clear view on what being “stir[red]” or vibrated across different parts of the body might mean as in the “Stir Crazy? Make Yourself at Home!” sign in the upper left corner of the picture of Alice’s Tea Party. Rescuing Academism – suggesting, among other things, that “To the extent that the relevant qualities of a ‘home’ are defined by the immigrants or refugees themselves and they are in significant conflict with at least some of the Finnish views, the term ‘kotouttaminen’ might thus as well be translated as, for instance, antisocial disintegration, if this is what makes some of the immigrants or refugees feel like home in Finland.” – was made available to its target audience slightly more than a week before the picture of Alice’s Tea Party was taken on February 14, 2016.

160214 115

160214 1

170204 6

On the way to Tokyo Disneyland the bus stopped at the following service area in Ebina, Kanagawa prefecture, where a small and still unopened bottle of water was bought. Some of the milk that is available in the local supermarket also appears to originate from Ebina (see

170204 004

The following pictures of receipts have been added to this post on September 12, 2017. No receipt was given for the second bottle of Sokenbicha.

170823 004

170823 006

170823 009


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