MaxValu Express and Welcia, Atami

Below are some examples of product availability in terms of quantity, quality and shelf access at MaxValu Express (熱海多賀店) in Atami city (nearest station Ajiro), Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on July 23, 2017. After a brief search I could not find, for instance, mandarins in the store – only relatively small oranges (see No-one appeared to be working on any of the boxes which were in front of several shelves – in case the word “work” can be used at all when those who receive salaries might often be free not to do what they are supposed to do and/or to use their professional positions to commit crimes or human rights violations, while those who don’t receive salaries might be exploited or worse.

170723 002

170723 004

170723 016

170723 006

170723 008

170723 009

170723 010

170723 011

170723 012

170723 013

170723 014

170723 015

170723 018

170723 019

170723 020

170723 021

170723 022

170723 023

170723 024

Suntory Natural Mineral Water in a “Green Eco Bottle” appears to be the dominant brand in the cooled water section in several stores in the region. The following picture is from Welcia (熱海多賀店) in Atami city (nearest station Ajiro), Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on July 23, 2017. The Cabal’s “shut up”-gesture – finger on the mouth – is visible in the upper left corner of the picture.

170723 028

170723 001

The platform of Ajiro station close to the stairs between the ground floor of the station and the platform – a similar place to the one where something that might have appeared to be a part of a tomato was located at Kinomiya station on July 16, 2017 (see

170723 032

170723 035

170723 034

170723 036




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