MaxValu Atami

Tomatoes at MaxValu (熱海店) in Atami (nearest station Kinomiya), Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on July 16, 2017

170716 007

170716 009

170716 010

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170716 028

Whenever specific types of clearly suboptimal, defective or tampered products are widely – if not universally – displayed in supermarkets in specific areas, it may not be entirely uncommon to find such products also in perhaps less likely places.  When, for instance, I was on my way to Narita Airport while being targeted with a range of clearly suboptimal, defective or tampered products including, among other things, potatoes, there was a potato in front of an escalator at a train station in Tokyo where I would be likely to change train on my way to the airport. On July 16, 2017, there was what might have appeared to be a part of a tomato on the platform at Kinomiya station.

170716 046

170716 049

Sometimes potentially fairly basic or evident cabalist symbolism might be displayed on some of the packages of products that a targeted individual and/or his/her family members might use regularly. The following milk carton, for instance – which is not from MaxValu Atami – proclaims “stubborn protection” for a “taste” in which “our faith” is located.

160602 023

160602 026

According to one potential interpretation, the communicative intent might, for instance, be to threaten to exterminate anyone who attempts to expose and/or destroy, for instance, the Cabal’s “mechanical Messiah” (Illich, 1971), “the immortal, collective brain” (Orwell, 1949) or the global mind-reading, -modeling, -influencing, -control, surveillance, torture or assassination system which might, among other things, non-consensually model the minds and bodies of targeted individuals while externally controlling their family members of any age to violently attack the targeted individuals and to cause harm to their intra-family relationships to make extermination of all of them easier. Data obtained through such mind-modeling, torture or extermination campaigns might be used to improve the quality of the duckspeak (Orwell, 1949) or communication or non-communicative noise produced by “the immortal, collective brain” or “mechanical Messiah” through the bodies of willing and knowing cabalists without potentially any autonomous cognitive effort or understanding on the part of the cabalists who willingly and knowingly serve or submit themselves to the external control of the “mechanical Messiah” or “the immortal, collective brain”.

If a targeted individual starts to consume a specific type of product in larger quantities, the packaging of some of such products might change relatively soon. A black “bell cat”, for instance, might appear in the package as in the following pictures (a cat might sometimes be used in Cabalese as a metaphor for an independently-minded non-cabalist or anti-cabalist and, in this case, the color black to imply, for instance, that the individual in question might indeed be correctly perceiving some of the evil or Satanist practices that the color black might often symbolize in Cabalese. The same targeted individual might elsewhere be exposed to, for instance, white or “pure white” (真っ白) cats to imply, for instance, goodness, transparency, righteousness or Godliness  on the part of the targeted individual for attempting to expose and/or destroy the Cabal despite being violently persecuted.)

170716 030

170716 031

170716 032

The cooled water section of MaxValu Atami appeared to be dominated by one brand – Suntory Natural Mineral Water in a “Green Eco Bottle” with a picture of a bird on the label as another potential example of a relatively recent design change of packaging and/or labeling. The label on the right side at the bottom of the second picture indicates that Suntory Natural Mineral Water is a “target product” and proclaims thank you to Mount Fuji.

170716 033

170716 035

If a targeted individual has mentioned a bird in some of his/her previous work (see Rescuing Academism on an “Endangered Bird Microchipped More Than a Decade Ago Killed by a Predator (an anti-cabalist who was forcibly connected to the global mind-reading and –influencing technology more than a decade ago and endangered by his/her refusal to join the Cabal was killed by a cabalist)”, he/she might subsequently be exposed to bird-labeled products, terminology or symbolism relatively frequently. I consumed, among other things, nearly a full bottle of Suntory Natural Mineral Water bought from Welcia in Ito (伊東竹の内店 located in the same building where “HAC drug” or “Health and Communication” used to be located), Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on July 10, 2017 shortly before some of my recent symptoms got worse. Welcia appears to offer a relatively comprehensive range of dog snacks even in the non-cabalist sense of products aimed at the actual animals rather than deliberately suboptimal, defective or tampered food or drink offered to human victims of the Cabal.

170710 001

170711 024

170711 025

170711 027

170711 028

170711 029

170710 002

Approximately at the same time the Japanese TV was showing judo and ippons (一本) – moves which result in the competitor performing the ippon being declared the winner – with one of the Cabal’s favorite background songs during violent persecution campaigns – Queen’s “We Will Rock You” (Incidentally, in Cabalese victim demands to be immediately disconnected from the global mind-reading, -modeling, -influencing, -control, surveillance, torture or assassination system might be described through the metaphor of, for instance, announcing that one has AIDS, an illness which Queen’s singer Freddy Mercury reportedly suffered from). According to my Japanese-English dictionary, ippon also refers to “one item (long thin object: bottle, necktie, pencil, rope, etc.)”. In other words, the -pon/-hon suffix is used when counting the number of “long thin objects” shaped like a “bottle, necktie, pencil, rope, etc.” Once a targeted individual might have thought of other potential “long thin objects” featured on TV and/or elsewhere – such as nuclear missiles – he/she might not have encountered any more ippons or judo on the Japanese TV recently. Although the media faction of the Cabal may not be particularly – or perhaps even reasonably or averagely – good at the essentially mechanical or rules-based, non-creative recycling of Satanist symbolism in the mass media, what is the likelihood that the media would have broadcasted that specific combination of content without being aware of its potential association with, for instance, nuclear weapons? Might some of the cabalists based in Tokyo, for instance, be fully aware of where one of the potentially more likely targets for such a nuclear “ippon” might be located in Japan in case there was only one shot to be used and decided to broadcast that specific combination of content on the TV anyway?

The following “sports drink” section at MaxValu Atami on July 16, 2017 – with only a few but fairly prominently displayed bottles – might hardly be designed to reduce the potential for interpretations according to which some of the ongoing violent persecution campaigns in the area might indeed involve the use of deliberately suboptimal, defective or tampered drinks.

170716 042

Some products which targeted individuals have previously bought in other stores might subsequently be promoted in larger packages, discounted prices etc. potentially with some additional cabalist twists. If a targeted individual had previously bought small packages of sasami-chicken apparently devoid of larger quantities of added liquids, what might a subsequent promotional offer look like when potential problems with liquids might have emerged?

170716 037

170716 038

As no normally-tasting or good quality water, for instance, might be available, there might not be much that could be done to completely avoid consuming those drinks that might ultimately turn out to be the most harmful. Some of the blatantly mind-controlled locals might, for instance, use the local tap water to create some apparently new and perhaps equally non-normally-tasting or low-quality tea to hide the taste of the water and then essentially force-feed it to their children by refusing to provide other alternatives. While it is quite possible that all individuals who are currently persecuted might end up living exceptionally long and healthy lives after the termination of any specific persecution campaigns, during such campaigns there may clearly be potential for immediate and permanent bodily damage or worse.

Persecution campaigns have been taking place for years, decades or longer with the full knowledge – if not in all cases also active participation – of the local alleged or self-declared “authorities” in various “jurisdictions” as well as any potential international organizations established by criminal, terrorist, cartelist, conspiratorial or cultist “authorities” – such as the INTERPOL, EUROPOL or the United Nations. As a matter of, for instance, upholding the law rather than, for instance, “politics”, it would have been the responsibility of all people to prevent the usurpation of “state” power by criminals, terrorists, cartels, conspiracies or cults or, at the minimum, to announce one’s refusal to support such usurpation and to make reasonable, if not one’s best, efforts to reverse and remedy such usurpations (see Beyond Legality). In Rescuing Academism I wrote that “some nations in the game world may be close to a point where their continued existence might constitute a greater injustice to humanity than their internationally implemented elimination”. This might have been the case with some nations also in the real world at the time of writing Rescuing Academism and may be even more so today. When “the mere act of being alive may be regarded as evidence that the remaining players have committed crimes which at some points in the game’s history would have been punishable by death” (ibid), one might expect every remaining individual in the world with some capacity for autonomous thinking and action to use, among other things, some of his/her “-hons” or “-pons” – whether “wisely” or not according to low-ranking Satanists in the cabalist hierarchy who might not yet have reached the highest level of understanding where truths or the Kingdom of God might once again be recognized as rather simple matters that might perhaps be more directly or reliably reached by the childlike or child-minded – to eliminate the Cabal once and for all regardless of what the remaining amount of earthly time might be for any specific targeted individual (Although the -hon/-pon suffix is not used to count books in Japanese, the meaning of the character 本 is “book”. Might books be potentially equally effective in the fight against the Cabal as, for instance, nuclear missiles?)

A sign for “YMCA” or apparently “Wise Men’s Club International Association, Mount Fuji Section” close to MaxValu Atami on the way to Kinomiya station.

170716 044

170716 045



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