A mandarin from Saga prefecture (佐賀県) bought from NaGaYa in Usami (宇佐美桜田店), Ito city, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan on July 11, 2017.

170712 002

170712 003

170712 006

170712 007

170712 008

170712 010

One potential reading of the radicals in 佐賀, based partly on a book that was used in my Japanese classes almost 20 years ago, is “person – left – add – money” or Cabalese for, for instance, a member of the Cabal bribing stores to sell deliberately defective products (in Cabalese left might sometimes be used as a metaphor for, for instance, evil, sinister or satanic and right as a metaphor for good or Godly). Such a reading might not be entirely inconsistent with some potential readings of the name of Japan’s current Minister of Justice, Katsutoshi Kaneda  (金田 勝年): “MoneyField VictoryYear” or, if translated phonetically rather than based on the meanings of the characters or radicals, the last name might be simply translated as “It’s Money” (Japan’s “justice”, that is?). Once public officials retire and undertake lucrative jobs in, for instance, the private sector, the Japanese language may be relatively honest about their nature: they might be referred to as “amakudari” (天下り) or individuals who have “descended from heaven” – which might not be entirely dissimilar to some potential descriptions of Satanists.

On July 10, 2017 there appeared to be what might have been a commercial for “Eco Oasis” on the Japanese TV. In Cabalese, “Eco Oasis” might refer to, for instance, a certain location or radius within which specific types of or all food, drink, air etc. might be deliberately tampered with to exterminate individuals who might be producing excessively relevant and/or accurate information on some aspects of the Cabal’s activities (see Rescuing Academism). In such a case, what might be the relevant location or radius for, for instance, the “Eco Oasis” for tomatoes or other types of food, drink, air etc.?


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