Travel Tip

In case any legitimate readers of this blog are looking for travel destinations, I would like to suggest the Atami-Kinomiya-Ajiro-Usami-Ito area in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan – while, of course, respecting the privacy of the local citizens, residents and visitors during any potential trips. Local cuisine is available from, for instance, the Max Valu and NaGaYa supermarkets in the area. The following apple was bought from Max Valu Atami (nearest station JR Kinomiya, the receipts may not always show the items bought correctly) on January 31, 2017.



Whether some of the local stool peculiarities (see, for instance, the following picture), which may not always be limited to foreign nationals, are caused by apples or, for instance, tap water or food and drink deliveries is not entirely clear.


Suppose that the individuals – to be on the safe side, I will not call them, for instance, “authorities” (see the manuscript “On Legitimate Sovereignty” in my previous post) – who are supposed to monitor and enforce food and drink quality were, at the minimum, fully aware of the ongoing local peculiarities – if not in all cases also actively participating in or organizing them. Might there be anything that non-citizens might be able to do to protect themselves and the people around them from potential overdoses of non-consensual and/or unknowing actual or alleged expressions of the local culture, including but potentially not limited to gastronomic culture – if not also to help the locals to discover and implement more authentic and humane expressions of culture?


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